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Jeff -

Owner of the business, fearless leader, and no-nonsense quality assurance man. Jeff comes to every jobsite, works harder than anyone else, and if anything doesn't measure up to his lofty standards, it will be redone. No exceptions! Really though, NONE.

Ryan -

Reliable Ryan lives up to his name, filling in the spaces, dotting the i's (and lowercase j's) and crossing the t's. The last time he missed something was around 1993, two years after he was born. A model employee, Ryan has absorbed all of Jeff's mentoring and shares the uncanny ability to transform a tornado's aftermath into a Yard of the Month candidate.

Matt -

Former workhorse/heavy perspirer turned mad computer scientist/heavy perspirer, Matt got a bachelor's degree in typing, grew a neckbeard, and got a programming job. He now manages the business's web presence and did most of the work on this website. Which is precisely why you would not want him anywhere near your lawn.